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Traditional Women's Tattoos and Facial Markings
from North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia:
History, Traditions, Techiques and Patterns.

Use ONLY safe, temporary cosmetics to reproduce traditional harquus pattterns! Use waterproof eyeliner, black body paint, or Harquus available from mehandi.com!

Harquus from Mehandi.com

Never apply a PPD-based "black henna" product to your skin, especially to your face!  PPD, para-phenylenediamine, is synthetic black hair dye frequently used to make "black henna" temporary tattoos can cause severe injuries and scarring.  If applied to the face, PPD can cause permanent blindness.  For more information on the dangers of "black henna," see: http://www.hennapage.com/henna/ppd/index.html
Harquus.com is the newest site in a group of sites devoted to henna: The Henna Page, TapDancing Lizard, Mehandi and Henna for Hair. Henna cannot be completely understood separated from its context in other women’s adornments such as tattooing and body painting. Harquus.com will explore the extended group of women’s body arts from countries where henna is a tradition, and situate henna within these adornments.  

Harquus is a word for black facial ornamentation in North Africa and the Middle East. It can refer to both tattooing and skin painting. The patterns of harquus, tattooing, and henna often mirror each other, and were intended to enhance each other. 

Harquus.com will provide historically accurate patterns, carefully researched articles, and means to recreate these traditional body arts with safe, temporary cosmetics.  These will be available in PDF format so you can download, print, and keep them in a notebook for reference.

Current Articles

Introduction  ~ Part 1:
PDF file, 3 pages 328K

Introduction ~ Part 2: Kohl and Surma
PDF file, 9 pages, 500K

Recreating Harquus

Harquus Gallery
Ethiopian Pattern 1
PDF file, 2 pages, 186 K

Algerian Woman #70
PDF file, 7 pages,  721K

My Lover's Pillow
PDF file, 5 pages, 256 K

Upcoming Articles

Moroccan Patterns 1
Moroccan Patterns 2
Algerian Patterns 2
Qajar Patterns

Songs of the Tattoo Artist

The Traditional Artists

Traditional Tools and Techniques

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